Welcome to Pet Utopia

We are a non-profit organization dedicated to providing shelter, care and adoption services for stray and needy animals. Pet Utopia offers financial assistance to spay and neuter strays and low-income family pets in Northeast Oregon, and promotes educational programs for responsible pet care.  Since many cities in Eastern Oregon have no animal rescue facility, we are aggressively working to make this goal a reality as well as funding our continued work.

Join in our statewide “No Dumping Campaign”. Print out our poster and put it up at work!

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2015 Statistics
752 * Adoptions at Petco
(* some of these are cats from other rescue groups)
509   Stray Cat Rescues
17   Owner Surrender
74   Transfer In from Other Rescue Groups
57   Transfer Out to Other Rescue Groups
6   Died in Care
2   Euthanized - Too Ill To Survive

“The evolution of a society can be determined by the way in which it treats it’s animals”


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